Demo version:

The demo version of Facto is totally functional for a 30 days period. After that, the application will still be active, but the printing functions (invoices and reports) will be disabled.

To activate the report section after the trial period, you will need to purchase a complete license to have your activation code.

Online purchase:

To buy your Facto license, we have created a secure online purchase process via PayPal. Once we receive your payment confirmation, you will receive your activation code by email.

This license gives you access to the report section, all Facto updates and email support for technical problems.

NOTE: This license is not a maintenance plan. For custom modifications or questions about how to use this software, please contact us at sletellier@seletelinformatique.com to learn about this kind of support.

Any comments about how this product can be improved are always welcomed. Please let us know what can be improved. The more frequent suggestions will be in any subsequent versions.