Seletel Informatique sells some of it's applications to the general public. Some of them are also distributed as demos and all of them can be modified to fit your needs.

Many types of licenses are available. Please contact us to have more information.

Mediapro : screenshot More info

This contact management application can be adapted to many situations. With it, you can create contact lists and associate them with various field of activity. With this, you can have a list of contacts, adapted to the needs of the moment, fast and easily.

Here are two exemples of what most people use it for:

Press list: Associate your contacts to one or more media(s) and one or more subject(s). You can then quickly have a press list for a subject or an event that you create. Search can also be done by region(s).

Supplier: Associate your contacts to one or more supplier(s) and one or more  product(s). You can then quickly have a suppliers list for a product or service that you need. Search can also be done by region(s).

It will let you print postal labels for your letters, create lists for mass mailing in Word and more...

Download demo 19,95$ CAD

Facto : screenshot More info

Invoicing application for the self employed and small businesses. With this program, you can easily create professional looking invoices, with your logo, in paper, PDF, HTML and more. You can configure your taxes, manage your products and services as well as your clients. A report also helps you to see your revenues and your tax remittances quickly. (Canadian taxes only)

Download demo 9,95$ CAD

WrPay :

This payroll system is robust and has proved itself. Lower your payroll costs with this system that can be customized to your needs. Deductions, remittances, checks and direct deposits, T4, T4A, R1, R2, R4, etc., employee termination, HR module and much more!

WrPay interface with most accounting applications.